Friday, August 27, 2010


I ordered a Provo Craft Gypsy on Tuesday & I got it yesterday (Thursday)!!! I did pay for the 2 day shipping. I got it from Custom They had a pretty good deal & I have ordered from them before so I know they are real. Ebay had some a lot less, but I was too scared to order from ebay. I would get am empty box or something! haha, Anyways, I have it & I have played with it. It's pretty cool. I am only have trouble linking one cartridge, the Celebrate Flourish Lite cart. I did some research, & no one can link it yet. So I will wait for the update to allow that cart. to link. One of my girl friends & I are going to share carts now that I can upload them and she can have the cartridge. I have not plugged it into the expression yet to try that, but I will soon. I really wanted to make a video opening the gypsy, but I had to come home @ lunch time and get the package & I opened it at work, so I couldn't do a video, ahah. I will do one soon.

Thanks for reading!!

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